sprite / by Carey

I don't think I've ever met a child that makes me think 'little woodland sprite' more than this one!  She's so dainty, delicate, and tiny.  Remember Katelyn from here?  Yep, that's her now, almost a year later.  Personally, I think she should be required by law to donate some of her hair to Cora... don't you agree???   The link from her before pictures??? She was 19 months!!!  Do you SEE how much hair she has THEN???  Cora is now 21 months!  Where's the hair??? Where IS it??

We met up with their family last night, and it was so warm and lovely outside, which means I HAD to get my camera out.

Don't you just love the little sand grains sprinkled across her little face?  It's just so much the essence of a two year old.