the rest of the story / by Carey

I did a family session for my brother's family back in November.  Time management has never been something I would say I had a handle on, but it most certainly isn't now that I'm in the land of full time mommydom.  I've got my hand in way too many pots and I get distracted way too easily!  I immediately finished a handful of images (remember??) for them to use on their Christmas card (I'll post that too, now, because I loved how it turned out SO much!) and intended to finish the rest sooner or later.

Well, fast forward to later.  I finally got around to it.   I had been trying to reserve 'for real' photography editing for when I had huge chunks of time to work, so that my processing would be consistent.  That's just not my life right now!!!  I never have huge chunks of time (when I have any energy or brain capacity left) to do anything!  So that's just a sacrifice I'm going to have to make, and gives me one more challenge to try to perfect.  Without further ado, here were my favorite images from their session that I haven't already posted.

She wants to get this one as a canvas (okay, so I encouraged it to be a canvas...) big to go over their living room couch.  How cool will that be!!??

I love this one because this just says to me "boys".

And here is their Christmas card. Didn't it turn out awesome???