snug as a bug / by Carey

Months ago my mom sent these sweaters from a Canadian company called Snug As A Bug.  And I instantly knew they'd make fabulous photos!  So I have waited and waited for it to be warm enough outside to go out without extra layers.  (I didn't want them to wear them earlier and mess them up, which is an absolute certainly with these kids!)  Last week it finally was!

I didn't have my brain turned on though -- if I had, I would have remembered to do this during the weekend when Shawn was at home to help me get some cooperation and genuine smiles.  Oh well.  I am still desperately trying to get a sibling shot that is good and frame worthy, but I still really like all of these.  Nathan shocked me to death by LOVING the sweater.  He has asked to wear it a billion times since!  Though, I think he may believe it is his ticket to go outside...

these two are my favorites from this day!

I LOVE this one because this IS my kids.  Exactly.  I love the excitement I can feel from it.

As you probably know, I am SO not a posed image photographer.  But I tried with these, to get that great sibling shot, you know?  Yeah, not so much.  And the one on the right?  I include it only because of the look on Cora's face!!!  How classic is that!?!

I am sooooooooo ready for it to warm up so we can get outside and I can start photographing my kids' adventures again!