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Dixit at Let's Lasso the Moon by Carey Pace

My son asked to play a board game that evening. Dixit had been pulled out and sitting on the kitchen counter for two weeks — I’m not even sure who did that. Last December I polled my thoughtful friends for excellent board games and added all of their suggestions to my wish list without really looking at what they entailed. I received Dixit for Christmas, but we hadn’t played it yet. Carcassonne was such a big hit after the holidays that we stuck with that … Until a recent evening when we opened the Dixit box.

I unwrapped all the brand new cards, removing the shrink wrap. I unfolded the game board, creaking with newness. I punched out tiles and opened the bags of playing pieces — little wooden rabbits of all things! I read the instructions aloud, trying to make sense of what needed to happen, while explaining it on a level that both the seven and nine year olds would understand. We looked at the examples in the instructions. All seemed okay. Then I peeked at the deck.

I hesitated.  . . . 

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