1 Second Everyday

You will be hard pressed to find a more dedicated user of the #1SE app. Daily for the last FOUR+ years, I’ve used the 1 Second Everyday app on my iPhone to document one second of video from each day of my family’s life. These annual videos have become priceless to us and my most favorite creative project I’ve ever attempted. I owe this all to Susan Keller Photography, whose video I watched on January 8, 2015 and forever changed the trajectory of my artistic world.

Disclaimer: all music used in the videos has been licensed directly with the artist or through Musicbed.

COMING SOON FOR PURCHASE: a PDF Guide to how I approach filming one second videos to create both a family keepsake and an aesthetically pleasing annual video. (Shoot me an email if you’re interested in beta-testing my creation!)

2019 | First Half — Virginia
Music: “Bright Side” by Wishly

2018 | Full Year
Music: “Monument” by Wild Harbors, “Happy Day” by Holley Maher, “Kickin Da Leaves” by Judah & the Lion

2017 Full Year 1SE

2016 Full year 1SE

2015 Full Year 1SE

2016 FREESTYLE 1SE to New York City