Project 26 | Post 6 | Morning Light / by Carey

We moved into this house in early March of 2007.  Five years ago.  That March and every March since I have been wooed by the sunlight that floods my living and dining rooms first thing in the morning.  I have soaked in those rays that hit the front of our house.  There is something sheerly magical about that light that streams in through the glass, unfettered by the leaves on our old, established oaks.  It brightens not only my home but my weary soul.  I don't know why this light would be any different than the light that happens in the other months.  And perhaps if those mighty oaks weren't in the way, it would be like this daily.  But I've come to anticipate and yearn for these March mornings that seek and destroy sadness in my heart through their sunlight, a harbinger of the glorious spring soon to break forth.

This week's theme for my Project 26 is "Morning Light".  What perfect timing.

While the perfectionist in me wanted to capture an image that you'd probably see on a wall calendar, with gorgeous rays of light streaming through trees in a forest, I knew that the lifestyle, documentary photographer that I am needed to capture this essence of March Sunlight about this home and this time of my life.

Here is the view of the sunrise out our front door at 6:30am, just before the sun emerges above the horizon.  I am always awed at the colors that God has placed in our world and how the simple rising or setting of the sun can generate such spectacular beauty.

Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography

And here at 7:10am, the Lady watches as the sun comes up, about to fill our home with rays of gorgeous, gorgeous light.  I couldn't make my mind up about color or black and white, so I included both.  Yep, indecisive me.
Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography
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What?  Your children don't carry around larger than life size stuffed animals and random helium balloons at 7am in the morning?  Seriously?  : )

Please take a tour through the circle and see my photographer friends' interpretations of the theme "Morning Light".  Next up is the lovely Lubbock, TX photographer, Misty Setzler!  Can't wait to see what Texas morning light looks like!

I shot these with my D90 & Nikon 85mm f1.8 & Nikon 50mm 1.4D