10 on 10 | March Edition / by Carey

March 6, 2012.  That was my 10 on 10 shoot day for this month.  I didn't mean to barely squeeze it out, yet that was reality.  February just whizzed right past us, and let's just be honest.  Managing shooting this

10 on 10

, the

biweekly Project 26

, and my

Food Styling group

shots is throwing a kink into my nicely ordered photography life (sarcasm.  that was most certainly sarcasm, at least the 'nicely ordered' part).  Nothing special about this March day.  Just a regular day in our life with little ones.

And sit down, lovely readers.  I managed to share with you a mere 10 single images this month.  It feels freeing.

7am:  The Little Lady is pointing out the splotch of bird poop on our window.  Shawn and I have been wondering precisely HOW birds manage to poop on vertical surfaces.  It happens to our windows quite often.  My theory is a precisely arranged use of momentum during a last minute change of direction while they giggle to themselves "take that!!".

Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography

I shared the 8am shot yesterday in

my post on tears


9am brings us to preschool.  Little Buddy never wants to engage in the learning activities the teacher arranges at the table upon arriving.  He immediately goes to play.  This day I had his parent-teacher conference at 930, so I had some time to kill.  He begged for the Little Lady to stay and play with him in the blocks.  So they did.

Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography

10am:  We are heading out to the van from preschool and the conference.  This morning, for the first time, she decided she wanted to wear one silver sparkle shoe and one pink sparkle shoe.  I'm totally down with that.  

Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography

11am ish:  Lunch time.  I just love her sweet face.  

Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography

12:30pm ish - I have no idea what got into my head.  NO idea.  But I'd pinned

this post

on Pinterest a few days prior, and I just wondered if it would work.  The grout in my kitchen was magic marker black. I'm not exaggerating.  At all.  Disgusting Black and NOTHING would remove it.  You could see in the pantry and under the fridge that the color was supposed to be a light beige.  The fix was just bleach and baking soda, so I went to town.

Oh. My. Word.  She says in her post how she wanted everyone to come see her floor.  Well, that is EXACTLY how I felt!!!  Took that paste to the grout with a toothbrush and that nastiness just brushed away.  It was amazing!!!  And I want EVERYONE to see my new kitchen floors!!!  Well, when I finish.  So far I have a 5'x6' patch of clean floor that I accomplished this day.

Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography

almost 2pm-ish:  Snack time.  This precipitated

The Lady's Tear's that I posted yesterday.

Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography

3pm:  Just normal time in the playroom in the afternoon.

Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography

4pm ish - The weather has been so utterly crazy lately.  It was warm, very very warm, this day so we went outside to play a bit.  The Lady loves chalk.  She lined them up and asked me what color I wanted her to use. 

Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography

5pm ish.  I hate that I didn't get a great image of the two of them playing together, because they were playing up a STORM.  They had it ALL out and incorporated into their scene.  The dollhouse.  The castle.  The ponies.  The airplanes.  The dinosaurs.  All of it.

Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography

5:30ish.  I've started a Couch to 5K program that meets at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  You'd best sit down, again.  Because, believe it or not, I'm loving this program.  I'm not kidding.  ME.  Self Proclaimed Exercise Hater!  I'm waiting for the bubble to burst, but for now, I'll take this while I have it.  I still dread going and try to come up with excuses, but once I'm there, while I'm running and afterward, I feel amazing.  So glad I decided to do this.  Shawn shot this real quick before I hopped in the van and took off!

Carey Pace 10 on 10 Lifestyle photography

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