goooooooo Wonder Pets! / by Carey

I love my new friend, Rachel.  We just "click".  Due to both being moms of little ones, we haven't had a lot of time to actually "spend" together, but I know one day when we do, we'll never be able to shut up!!!  What DID stay at home moms DO before the internet!!!???

Rachel has 3 precious blessings.  And in their house, Wonder Pets is a preferred show.  (it's SO funny how different kids have different preferences!  Nathan could not care less for the Wonder Pets!)  So Rachel's mom got all seamstressy crafty and made the three kids their own Wonder Pet costume for Halloween!  Rachel asked if I could take a photo of the 3 of them together in their awesome costumes, to document the special occasion.  Here is the final result:

Are those not amazing little costumes???

Although we had intended to acquaint ourselves with the Hot Air Balloons at Funfest this year, Rachel was our official tour guide for FunFest!  We are still so grateful for all her help then -- we had SUCH a good time!  Can't wait for next year!  She let us in on all the good spots, helped us know where to go, what to make sure to see, what to miss, etc.  Awesomeness combined with just lovely company.  At any rate, Friday evening before the balloon glow (which again, I wouldn't have known about if not for Rachel, and was my FAVORITE part of funfest, hands down!), I took a few of her 3 lovelies.  They are precious little children.

too busy to smile at me... ah, the life of a 3 year old