repeat - Natalie! / by Carey

What a compliment it is when someone likes your work enough the first time to call you back and ask for a new session!!!

Mom K took me up on my offer to design holiday cards and wanted a cute shot of her girls (adamantly opposed to being in any herself... pffft!).   Remember newborn Natalie?  Well she's grown!  And she has the sweetest little grin.... unfortunately, she is very, very stingy with it!  It doesn't stay on her face long, we believe in a complete attempt to keep the camera from capturing it!  But I was quick and got a few!  That was K's main assignment for me!

And big sister Sarah is just the best.  Apparently she thinks I'm something special.  It's very cute.  But, my, is she the little model poser!  I. COULD. NOT. GET. HER. TO. STOP. POSING!  My passion is capturing the real genuine smiles and laughter -- not the sit with your hands in your lap, look at me, and say cheese.  But this girl is INTO posing and cheese!  She's just beautiful, and it makes me chuckle still to remember the day we took these images.