Inspired / by Carey

Unfortunately, last weekend's trip to photograph my new nephew was put on hold. The babysitter, aka Nana, developed shingles last week! It was a mild case, but shingles nonetheless, which means Nana couldn't be around Cora, who hasn't received the chicken pox vaccine yet. We plan to visit this weekend to make up for it. Hopefully little S will stay newborny for me!

However, all this newborn anticipation inspired me to work on some of Cora's newborn shots. This was my first and only "real" session, where we set things up on purpose for me to capture shots. One big thing was working against me, however. It was a huge learning, and I'm really glad I learned it. I just wish I'd made the discovery a few days earlier. Somehow the autofocus selector on my camera was locked to the bottom middle. So when I thought I was focusing in the center and moving the camera to compose the image... I wasn't focused on what I thought I was. The focus in all the images is in the bottom... which works for some shots... doesn't for others.

I was so heartbroken over this... over so many lost images that would have been great had the focus been in the right place... that I avoided processing them, until now. It was fun to use my extremely limited skill in photoshop to tweak these images. I'll never get better unless I practice, so here goes!