1SE 2016 - One Second Everyday year 2 / by Carey Pace

Two years ago today, I started this little project.  Didn't know where it would lead.  All these days later, I cannot imagine ever turning back.  My family loves this so incredibly much.  It's our favorite thing we've ever created.  And the memories from both years sitting down all togehter for the official first viewing -- goodness.  There just aren't words.  I wish you all would embark on your own 1SE.  

I would LOVE to create this with my DSLR instead of with my phone... but I'm living in reality.  In this stage of my life, with probably 100,000 no exaggeration photos I've not bothered to sift through, I know I wont' manage to sit down and get 1 second clips of DSLR video mashed together.  The ease of the app and the accessibility of my phone make a magic combo.  For now, this is a compromise I happily make.  

Thank you to the creators of the 1 Second Everyday app. I owe you so much.