a year of stories - 39 of 52 / by Carey Pace

*This post is part of a collaborative project - a year of stories shared by a group of 15 photographers every Tuesday in 2016.  Please visit my fellow Virginian TESS RUNION after you read this post to continue the circle.*

There is a perfectionism that causes you to strive for excellence in what you do.  And then there is a perfectionism that whispers doubt in your ear every second you turn around.  It is an insidious companion, for you rarely even realize his presence despite the evidence of it surrounding you always. 

I had initially decided I'd not participate this week.  I didn't have time to work up a STORY.  

But as I was about to brush past this item on my to do list for Monday, I realized I DID have images.  I just didn't have ALL of the images from these days edited.  To tell the PERFECT STORY. Portrait images paired together perfectly. Context images to set the scene. Sequence and angle and progression. It was just a smattering.  

So yes, I could create a much better post than this one.  But sometimes DONE is better than PERFECT.  Today, I share images from our last couple weeks.  Just us. Just life.  Imperfect.  But shared.  And sometimes, perhaps most of the time, that is better than not done at all.