1SE - Five Months In / by Carey Pace

Update: you may want to see my latest 1SE post here.

I'm staring down the barrel, seeing our time here in this home in Tennessee come to a close.  I'm not a very material object sentimental person, but this process is pulling emotion out of me I never knew existed.  Part of me wants to close my eyes and cover my ears and shout "I'm not listening, I'm not listening!" and the other part just wants to dig my talons in the earth and refuse to leave.  I'm happy for the opportunities our move is bringing our family and I think it will be VERY GOOD for us.  But I adore our home here and I am so very sad to leave it.  Change is not something I easily accept.

It was the knowledge that come June, we would be leaving this place forever that pushed me over the edge to embark on this 1SE journey.  I wanted to find every way I could to enjoy these last few months here, and to document them for my, and their, memory's sake.  As I watch these last few months pass before my eyes in one second blurs, I am so incredibly grateful for the clips.  

I adore photography.  I adore my big camera.  I adore translating the beauty I see in my everyday life into a still image to share with the world.  That hasn't changed a bit.  But adding the movement - just one measly second of it, no less - adds this facet that changes everything.  It takes this painting with light craft of mine and elevates it.  

I love this stage of parenthood with an almost seven year old and an eight year old.  They are so amazing and so much fun at this moment.  But I can see the trajectory of where this is all headed.  I can see how this playful time, even right now, is in the midst of morphing.  I have enough parenting behind me that I can long for those trying days of baby and toddlerhood. They say that the time goes by so fast, and I've known enough of it now that I can taste the truth of that statement.  Having these MOVING visual representations of this life at this stage is just priceless to me.  Priceless.  

More-so than any other project I've embarked on before, this 1SE Project makes me aware on a daily basis how fast the time is flying.  As I'm selecting the clip each day and checking the flow of the video, I can FEEL how the video is coming together and the days are whizzing by.  It's humbling and scary and yet at the same time, it's making me more appreciate of each day.  

I love this project. I know you are tired of hearing that, but I do.