ordinary life

October week one by Carey Pace

A glimpse into our ordinary family life, during the first week of October 2015. 

This is not how Batman dies. by Carey Pace

"This is not how Batman dies." 

It was at this moment in their water hose fight on Sunday that the Boy uttered that simple quote from The Lego Movie. Shawn immediately burst into hard core laughter, but I couldn't make out what the Boy had said. I asked Shawn what was so funny and when he told me, I couldn't contain myself either. Shawn and I were laughing so incredibly hard at the amazing timing with which the kid pulled that line out, feeding off each other's laughter, that the Boy was able to take the upper hand and gain control of the hose while Shawn got a turn to choke while trying to laugh. 

The point in parenting when their personalities begin to emerge is so fun. But this point where their senses of humor take on a life of their own, and they can pull the lines out at the appropriate times with the appropriate context... it's bittersweet. It's so fun to ENJOY them like this, and yet, this also means they're growing up, edging closer to the day they leave the nest. This isn't the first or second time the Boy has pulled an apropos movie quote out of thin air, and I wished I'd documented them here more than I have. This age is just a treasure.

Technology by Carey Pace

Technology puts such a different spin on a move. When I was his age, you had the option of writing letters. The end.

Phone calls were long distance and cost money, thus probably wouldn't happen. Now he can not only hear his best little buddy from Tennessee, he can see his face and watch his expressions and all the little nuances that make him 'him'. You haven't lived until you've watched 8 year old boys face-timing.