Me and Mine 1 of 12 / by Carey

I cherish the Me and Mine images I shot last year during my Project 26.  I wasn't as creative with them as I had hoped to be, but that is the direction I'd like to take this monthly project in 2013.  More creative Me and Mines.  Still, proof that I was there.  With them.  But hopefully documenting the less straightforward things.  I'm excited for the challenge.

However, for this first post of 2013, I wanted to recreate one of my favorites from last year.  See it here.     That shot was an accident, of sorts.  Not planned.  It just happened.  I really should have known better than to try too hard to completely recreate, for the Little Lady was less than thrilled with this prospect.  That is for display in these images, for certain.

Me and Mine by Carey Pace

While I was quite frustrated on the day I shot these... angry that the focus wasn't perfect, we weren't both in focus, her expression was less than pleasant, it just wasn't happening, the list could go on and on..... I let a few days pass before I sat down to edit.  I'm happy that I did.

For instead of seeing all the ways these fail technical perfection and miss the mark of my intention and expectations... I see the cuddles of a mother and daughter.  These images bring a smile to face, instead of disappointment.  That is, in fact, the point of my project.  So I declare this success!

Do be sure to visit the rest of my small circle of friends who have chosen to continue to document their relationship with their children through their images.  My fellow scientist/artist friend Jayme Franklin is next.

Me and Mine by Carey Pace

Me and Mine by Carey Pace

I shot these with my D90 Sigma 30mm f1.4