Project 26 | Post 22 | Spooky / by Carey

I am afraid of the dark.  There, I said it.  I'm a grown up woman and I'm really afraid of the dark, especially outside.  Don't ask me to go wandering around outside at night.  This has caused a few conflicts over the years with Shawn.  He doesn't get it.  He also doesn't have a lot of compassion for the kids' fears of the dark, whereas I'm all "he can sleep with a lamp on next to his face for the next 50 years for all I care."

So now that my secret is out, I can share how I came to share this image for the theme of Spooky.  This time when the sun has just risen is glorious and beautiful.  I love beams of light working their ways through the trees.  However, this is still that very early time before the sun has fully broken up the fog.  Before shadows have grown shorter.  Before those nocturnal creatures have tucked their tails and headed for home.  So while I find it gloriously beautiful, I still feel this spookiness about this time.  This  opposite of twilight.  Not a time I would go wandering around the woods by myself... not that I'd really ever go wandering around the woods by myself.  That's just spooky, too.

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I shot these with my D90 Sigma 30mm f1.4