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The theme?  Through the Window.

I'd been looking forward to this one.  I knew the potential amazing image I could create.  I'd kept my eyes open, always noting the windows everywhere we went.  Nothing stood out, in the circles of our world.

The week of the theme approached.  We visited the Kingsport Library (for the first time ever... how did it happen that Little Buddy's almost six years old and we had yet to visit the Library!?), looking for some awesome windows that would allow some awesome lifestyle action... Alas, the Kingsport Library doesn't really have those.... but the Library was AWESOME for books (duh).

Then we visited Babycakes Cupcakery... I love the architecture of the place.  I just knew they would turn out amazing.  They have some awesome floor to high ceiling windows at the front of the store.  But after paying $13.20 for 6 cupcakes, I was left with nothing... in my camera, that is.  The reflection on the outside of the windows was SO strong. I couldn't figure that out.  I don't know if it was the wrong time of day with the wrong light... or if I was using the wrong lens... or if was just approaching it all wrong.

So then we drove around downtown looking for something.... and nothing.  I had an idea to take a photo out the windshield of the van... and I did try one thing, but I don't have a wide enough lens to make this work...

So then we went home.  Me fairly defeated.  I decided to document our amazing playroom window.  It isn't the epic image I'd intended, but important nonetheless.  My friend Tiffany from Peanut Blossom is moving, and she did a post recently documenting the favorite parts of her old house.  That kind of inspired me.  If we ever leave here, I'll want to remember this window.

Project 26, Through the Window

Not only do I want to remember this window itself, but I want to remember the view into that backyard that is pretty much one of the most awesome childhood backyards ever.

Project 26, Through the Window

During my entire pregnancy with Little Buddy, we looked for a new house.  We were very Dave Ramsey and we really wanted to find a house we could do a 15 year Mortgage on.  I tried.  I gave it a good go.  But the houses that fit our budget for a 15 year mortgage... I didn't want to live like that.  That isn't how I wanted to live my grown up life.  That isn't how I wanted my children to grow up.  And honestly, they were all so old and dilapidated, it seemed to us that they would be a money pit of epic proportions just to maintain them.  I loved our house at the time, and I mean LOVED.  I still miss that house.  I just LOVED that house.  But the yard... the yard was lacking, especially for a child.  That was Shawn's predominent motivator to move.  He wanted a yard the kids could play in.

I kept emphasizing that it would be a long time before we really needed a YARD.  I mean, he wasn't even born yet.  We had time.  years and years and years of time before he'd really need a yard.  I ended up calling off the search when it got close to delivery time.  I don't know how many houses we visited. We never found anything that was it.

When Little Buddy was two months old, I heard that some acquaintances of ours were selling their house.  I'd visited the house a few times and LOVED it.  LOVED the yard.  I told Shawn about it, we called the acquaintances, we went and visited the house - Shawn had never been inside, and long story short?  We are now the proud owners of that house.  It has now been more than five years.

Project 26, Through the Window

God was looking out for us.  How richly He has blessed us.  I didn't think we really needed a yard for the kids... oh, how wrong I was!! I cannot imagine raising my kids all these years, all these springs and summers and falls, without having our backyard haven and driveway.  Our amazing neighbors.  On top of that, all those years ago, I didn't know as much about photography.  I've always adored natural light. I always wanted a house with tons of windows and lots of light.  I just didn't realize at the time how much I'd need it for my photography.

Project 26, Through the Window

This window is in our playroom, which most people would call the den.  One day I suppose it will be a den for us, but for now it is a bright and colorful kid utopia.  It is our family's headquarters.  It is where we spend nearly all of our time.  And I have this wall of window to let in beautiful, healing sunshine.  And beautiful natural light for my photography.  I am so thankful.

On top of that, this house has 28 windows.  TWENTY EIGHT.  The house was built in 1971.  Most houses in our area that were built then had these ugly tiny short windows.  Ours has beautiful tall, tall windows in every room, plus this amazing picture window in the playroom.  I didn't realize the photography gift I was getting five years ago, but God did.

And so I want to remember this window, and what we see through that window.

I had to include my attempts at Babycakes.  See this first one?  You can see ME clearly.

Project 26, Through the Window

See those gorgeous windows with such potential???

Project 26, Through the Window

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Recall that I undertake this Project 26 with a group of photographers all across the nation.  There is an amazing sense of community when doing any creative project with others.  There is a sense of vulnerability that opens when you share your art, and through that vulnerability connections are made.  Bonds are forged with these ladies.  Please take a few moments to spin the circle to see what these talented ladies have created.  Next up:  Krista Keller Danville CA child, family and senior photography

I shot these with my D90 Sigma 30mm f1.4