Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. / by Carey

I didn't have time for it. Not in the slightest.  I'm so behind in everything. Absolutely everything.  Trying to manage it all (and failing at it) is weighing on me heavily and my chin has erupted into something that reminds me of a kid activity book connect the dots page.  [I'm not exaggerating.]  Stress is oozing out of me.

But one aspect of this week's assignment for the Finding the Light photography workshop I'm taking is to photograph involving rain. It has looked like rain for days now, but has yet to rain here at our house.  So I've been stuck in this stage of in between light.  Not full sun, like I need for part 1 of the assignment.  Not any rain, like I need for part 2.  This is just tagging along with my general state of overwhelment, lately.

Yet this afternoon.  I suddenly heard the background noise change, and peeked out the window.  I saw rain. Hard, hard rain.  I debated internally for just a moment.
You don't have time for that.
You don't have time not to, Carey.  Just go do it.

I asked the kids if they wanted to go out and play with their umbrellas in the rain. Enthusiastic yeses. We went. I held my umbrella in my left hand and the camera in my right, with my neck strap on. Somehow I did it. My back was wet, but the camera was safe.

I know we were out for more than an hour. We all had a ball. An absolute ball.  But more than the photos I got, I got some reprieve.  I always underestimate how much *I* need to play, too. I feel like a burden has been lifted, though not one thing off my list was accomplished.  I need to have more fun.  A lot more fun.  To just let go, more often.

As I lead the kids upstairs to the bathtub (with Little Buddy shivering his bony little self to death), I said "guys, thanks SO much for playing with me this afternoon in the rain. I had so much fun!" Little Buddy replies, "but mama. you didn't play. you just took pictures."

Oh Buddy. Little, Little Buddy.  It may not have looked like play to you, but it sure was play to me.  And I needed it.  Badly.

[Though, I did tell him that next time it rains, I'll leave my camera inside and just play his way.]

I found this quote:  "Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. " -Roger Miller.  May I always remember to walk in the rain and never merely become wet by it.  May I pass this on to my children.

I'm seriously dying to edit these photos right now.  Dying.  But the list is long and the hour is late.  For now, I'll share the first four that caught my eye as I quickly ran through the first memory card I filled up.
Carey Pace, rain photo

Carey Pace, rain photo

Carey Pace, rain photo

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I shot these with my D90  Nikon 85mm f1.8