food challenge | may | magazine recreation / by Carey

I've joined with several other ladies across the country to improve our food photography skills.  Each month, we've challenged ourselves to a different theme.  For May, our theme was to recreate a magazine cover.

I didn't think I was going to be able to participate in this one. With everything my family and I have going on these days, something had to give.  But at the last minute, Allison Jacobs inspired me and I realized I could get this done.

My inspiration was this July 1981 cover of Bon Appetit magazine.  Just simple.  Just a bowl of the fruit.  Not a lot of fuss about the magazine contents crowding the cover.  The cover is about the image.

I decided to use our group name (The Inspired Plate) as my magazine title, and then made up a name for the issue and then a teaser for the contents.  All in all, this was actually really fun.  I had dreaded it big time for the last several months.  As usual, nothing is as bad as I, Anxiety Girl, expect it to be.

Carey Pace, food photography, food magazine
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Take a few moments to visit the other ladies in the group and how they were inspired to create a magazine cover.  Next up is my friend,  Stacey Siegal | Bradenton-Sarasota Food Photographer.

I shot these with my D90 & Nikon 50mm 1.4D