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I suppose I should just lay it all out:  I wasn't feeling it this time.  Time for another "Me & Mine" in my project 26.  (Remember that this is a circle team project, so look for the link to the next photographer at the bottom of the post!)  As today was drawing near, inspiration wasn't hitting me.  We've been busy, then Little Buddy came down with a mysterious stomach bug and cruddy cold/cough.  He has been home from pre-K all week.

Before having children, I had dreams that my little lovelies would pretend to be Emeril at their little play kitchen.  They would know their spices.  They would know the cooking techniques.  They would garnish their little play concoctions.  It would be awesome.  A good friend of mine had a daughter who would yelled BAM! before she was two while she cooked in her kitchen, and would smash garlic on her pretend cutting board.  Since I'm of the cooking persuasion, I just knew this would be my children, too.

Of course, this has not been my reality.

They play with the play kitchen, some... but not much.  They have no attention span for Food Network shows.  They will put a food item on a plate, but there is no culinary creativity going on.  Huge disappointment for me over the years.   Until....

Tuesday.  Tuesday morning they wanted to play with the kitchen and serve me their dishes.  It was just awesome.  They had a blast and my heart was so happy.  A little while later I realized that would be my Me & Mine for this go round.  So I waited until the afternoon when the sun is just so and light enters the playroom.  I set up the table and the stools.  I setup the tripod and found the composition I wanted.  Grabbed the remote.  And I made my mistake.  I asked them to play it again.  I should know better.  Truly, truly, I know better.

My children don't do pre-arranged things.  They walk to the beat of their own drums and they most certainly, adamantly, vehemently protest when I try to orchestrate around that, especially for photos.  So they were pretty much "over" playing chef/kitchen/waiter for the images.  Bummer.  I hope to redo these one day when they are actually into it.

Kingsport Tn Lifestyle Images, Me & Mine

Little Buddy started out 'posing' with his ridiculous faces.  I had to ask him to stop.   : )

Kingsport Tn Lifestyle Images, Me & Mine

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I shot these with my D90 Sigma 30mm f1.4