project 26 | Post 3 | Me and Mine / by Carey

The Bloom Forum ran a contest for a Ketti photography bag.  To enter the contest, you had to submit a self-portrait.  I'm not really a girly-girl camera bag person, but I figured I might as well participate.  I've found self portraits to be a very fun and yet very challenging exercise.

I'm sure this happens in your household, too.  The kids are happily occupied somehow.  Leaving you to do whatever it is you need to do.  Then the phone rings, right?  And what happens?  The kids suddenly begin screaming at each other, someone is bleeding, you have at least two leg leaches, someone loudly announces they need to go pooOOOOOoooppppp!, they are dying of starvation, the dog throws up.... this happens in other households, too, no?

Well, guess what?  SAME scenario happens whenever I pull out the camera for a creative project.  I can understand with the phone, at least, because there is a sound that gives the change in activity away.  But when I'm in the other end of the house and start a new project, how. do. they. know?  I think it must be a sixth sense we all outgrow once we transition into adulthood.

So as has happened every time I've tried to do self portraits when the Lady was nearby, she comes bouncing over and wants to sit in my lap while I do it.  Perfect Me and Mine opportunity.

Carey Pace Kingsport photographer
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I was using my Nikon 50mm 1.4D, (on my crop sensor) holding it out as far as my arms would reach and trying to pull my shoulders out of socket to do so, here.  In camera crop, for sure!  So I pulled out the Sigma 30mm f1.4 to get some better Lady and Mommy shots.  While she is interested in participating, it must still be on her terms.  Not so successful for a wall portrait, but fun memories with Mommy nonetheless!

And what happened to my blond hair?  I've always had blond hair.  I wouldn't have ever said the Lady has blond hair.  A light brown.  But look.  Both of my children and me have the exact same color hair.  In the first photo you have to really look to see whose hair is really whose.  I suppose that means no one can tell me blond jokes anymore. Score!

Carey Pace Kingsport photographer
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Please visit Misty Setzler | Lubbock, TX photographer next.  Can't wait to see her Me and Mine for today!

I shot these with my
Nikon 50mm 1.4D (the first one)
Sigma 30mm f1.4 (the rest)