10 on 10 | February Edition / by Carey

The days are long yet the years are short.  Every month of this project solidifies this truth for me. So thankful for this project that reminds me monthly to document these little things that tell the story of our days in this snapshot of time.

This month I wanted to challenge myself a tad.  I limited myself to use only my

Nikon 50mm 1.4D

 lens (on my crop sensor, so 75mm equivalent focal length).  While my

Sigma 30mm f1.4

 is my favorite lens for the clarity and color I get from it (not to mention it just seems to let in more light than the 50, even though both are f1.4 lenses), the 50mm focal length is my favorite for creativity.  So to make things more interesting and creative, no switching out lenses and no relying on the Sigma.

I also wanted to have a theme for this day's images.  

The Aftermath

.  January 31, 2012.

It seems I spend so very much of my time in Aftermath mode, compensating for the

little messes

that are just the territory with little ones.  For example, there simply must be leprechauns that visit our bathroom on a regular basis.  What do they do, pray tell?  They shred the toilet paper into tiny half inch pieces and deposit them all over the floor around the toilet.  Like snow.   I have yet to figure out how a little being that insists on me being there to be the "waiter" (her words) while she uses the toilet (that would be, the one who waits on her to finish, not the waiter who brings food), manages to do this to the toilet paper and I

have yet to witness her doing it

.  Seriously.  Huge mystery.  This has been going on for


.  And about two days before shooting these I finally asked her to stop.  I had been waiting to catch her in the act.... I finally gave up.  And sweetly, uncharacteristically, since then, she hasn't done it once.  So there is no aftermath of toilet paper snow here, as I had anticipated when I came up with the idea while cleaning it up for the umpteeth time.

So this month's images are less about how we spent our day and more about the aftermath of their choices for how they spent the day.

9:30am AFTERMATH of Breakfast.  We are home from taking Little Buddy to preschool.  Aftermath of the sippy cups on the end table, requiring an audience of stuffed animals to watch tv with you, and the newfound FAVORITE thing in the world: the 'snack in a tray.'  Started this a month or so ago.  I discovered that six of those IKEA snack bowls fit perfectly in my metal cake pans... and giving them a selection of 6 items for snack, or breakfast, has been the hands down coolest thing mommy has ever done, apparently.  They BEG each morning to breakfast in the tray snack, they beg for snack each afternoon in the tray.  Today they had almonds, mandarin oranges, and leftover hot dog buns as toast with cinnamon, and I made two identical rows so I could be sure The Lady actually ate hers.  The 3 greens were the Buddy's and he did pretty good (my kids aren't big breakfast eaters).  The Lady didn't do so well on her row.

Images by Carey Pace 2012, 10 on 10, lifestyle photography

10:40am - AFTERMATH of button crafting.  "I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to make a craft!"  Never would I have imagined just how much this girl would love crafts!!!  She loves all things artsy and loves to create, which I in turn LOVE.  She adores buttons, like mad.  Loves to glue them onto paper.  So she glues.  I let dry.  Pry the buttons off and return them to a bowl so she can do it all over again.

Images by Carey Pace 2012, 10 on 10, lifestyle photography

11:45am - AFTERMATH of Stickers.  More craft time.   Right next to her love of buttons is her love of stickers.  There is a part of me that feels this is so very wasteful... and then the part of me that knows she is just in joy mode covering her papers with stickers.

Images by Carey Pace 2012, 10 on 10, lifestyle photography

12:30pm - AFTERMATH of tooth brushing unassisted.  I notice the toothpaste stains left by the Buddy when I go to wash my hands after lunch.

Images by Carey Pace 2012, 10 on 10, lifestyle photography

1:30pm.  AFTERMATH of Preschool Playground Time.  Whoever made the decision to put wood mulch in the playground at preschool deserves to come clean my house daily.  I swear, it is as if the boy takes his shoes off, uses them as a shovel to collect mulch, and then puts his shoes back on.  You would not BELIEVE the amount of mulch that comes out of his shoes...


.  Of course on the day I want to document the mounds of mulch I get to vacuum daily, he comes home with less than usual.  Still, I get to clean the wood trash up from the playroom every school day.  And can you see on the top left how the insides of his shoes are literally coated in mulch?  After the leprechaun snow, this was the second thing I thought of that I wanted to document on my aftermath day.

Images by Carey Pace 2012, 10 on 10, lifestyle photography

2:45pm - AFTERMATH of snacking on the couch.  They beg to take the couch cushions off to add to the floor pillow fortress and I agree.  It's high time to clean out the junk in the couch.  I swore I'd never be one of those moms who let their kids eat on the couch.  Wrong.  It is amazing how gross it can get so very quickly.  The Lady loves to lose her toys in there as well.  We found many a lost Squinkie that day.

Images by Carey Pace 2012, 10 on 10, lifestyle photography

4:20pm - AFTERMATH of playtime.  A million new toys for Christmas and what do we beg to play with?  Construction toys that were given to us hand me down that I put in the attic out of rotation.

Images by Carey Pace 2012, 10 on 10, lifestyle photography

5:00 AFTERMATH of laundry.  It is time to fold and put away Mount Laundrious.  I try really hard to do one load a day so it is never this overwhelming, but I have just been awful about letting it all pile up.  I do the laundry... I just have a hard, hard time carrying the clean clothes back upstairs and putting them away.

Images by Carey Pace 2012, 10 on 10, lifestyle photography

6:00pm AFTERMATH of dinner.  The Buddy is now at Upward Basketball practice.  I made his eggs before he left, so this is the aftermath of his eating.

Images by Carey Pace 2012, 10 on 10, lifestyle photography

7:00pm AFTERMATH of dinner times two.  Shawn is usually home around 6pm, but Upward practice starts at 6.  So he doesn't get to eat until after practice on those days.  So here, I'm making the pumpkin pancakes to be warm and ready when they return.  They were SO yummy with homemade cinnamon whipped cream and real maple syrup.

Images by Carey Pace 2012, 10 on 10, lifestyle photography

8:00pm AFTERMATH of trip booking and finances.  I spent the day booking the hotels and flights for our upcoming anniversary trip to celebrate our ten year anniversary that occurred last June.  Trying to manage all the flight options (do we leave out of Knoxville, Greenville, Charlotte?), Friday night or Saturday morning, blah blah blah.  And trying to manage all those options while keeping the kids happy and entertained.  My brain was BEAT this day.  Beat.  And the desk bears the signs of a rough, cluttered day.

Images by Carey Pace 2012, 10 on 10, lifestyle photography

Truth be told, this didn't turn out exactly like I had envisioned, but I'm thankful for the memories it has documented for me, forever.

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I shot these with my



Nikon 50mm 1.4D