New Project for 2012 - Project 26 / by Carey

There are people who start off a new year by doing a Project 365.  A photo a day for an entire year.  I would LOVE to do this.... but seeing as I've never made it past day 14 of any other project I've taken on, I have a feeling it would be destined to fail.  And I hate failing.  So I haven't ever done this.

Then there are people who do a Project 52.  A photo once a week for the entire year. Certainly more doable... but I have a feeling, I'd fail by about month 5 here, too.  So again, avoiding failure...

I've really enjoyed the 10 on 10 project.  Once a month with the flexibility to shoot whenever it suits my schedule.  I've looked forward to it so much that it hasn't been hard to do it... so far.  I hope I can keep it up.  But this particular project matches my passions so perfectly, I doubt it will be a problem.  Flexibility and Passion.  Those'll get you anywhere, right?

Then Jayme Franklin emailed me.  She asked if I'd be interested in a group Project 26 - one photo every other week - that alternates between a "Me and Mine" project (oh, love!) and a theme photo.   There was the part of me that wanted to run and hide, because this would be more pressure.  And I shy away from pressure.  More deadlines.  I hate deadlines.  Due dates stifle my creativity.  Always have.  But the "Me and Mine" thing is something I already do, just without set dates.  I'm really passionate about capturing images of ME with the kids, since we have hardly any and I want them to know I was here and what I looked like.  (And I confess, being considered someone worthy to participate in one of these things makes me all giddy on the inside.)  So I said yes.  Yes, I'll be part of this group of 15 or so other photographers.

Then as the talk began to fly getting organized... I started to get scared!!!  How on earth am I ever going to do this??? I'm becoming overwhelmed.  I can't get everything done as it is - all the household stuff, the mom stuff, the wife stuff, the life stuff.  And now I've added two more 'have-to's' to my monthly schedule.  Not to mention, the theme concepts are already kicking my booty.  I don't think on the fly.  What have I done?  I don't want to let anyone down (my family or the group members).  But I do really, really, really want to do this.  Somehow I'm going to make it work.

So here we go.  I'm scared.  I'm overwhelmed.  I don't know how I'm going to fit this into life.  And the theme weeks have a permanent set of butterflies flitting around in my stomach.  (This is where engineer meets artist in my head and I have trouble living up to my artist expectations with my engineer approach).  Yet, here we go!  I'm going against the caution in my head that I can't keep this up.  I'm excited at the opportunity to grow.  I'm excited at the opportunity to create a collection of art, for me.  A finished work that stays done.  And I'm excited to get to know more photographers through their own interpretations of the every other week's assignment.  And lastly I'm looking forward to something that will further force me to let go of the illusion of perfection.  To let 'good enough' be 'just right', even with my art and with the 'blog-face' I give to the world.

So we begin with a Me and Mine.  I shot this in December for the Picture the Holidays project, if it looks familiar.  We're reading together in my bed.  All of us love to read and all of us love to snuggle.  It truly is just Me and Mine.

Check out who is next in the circle, talented Lora Swinson, Shawnee, OK Photographer.

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I shot these with my
Sigma 30mm f1.4