picture the Holidays : day 03 | All You Need Is Love / by Carey

Today's Picture the Holidays prompt was All You Need is Love.  We were supposed to focus on love.  Feel It.  Be It. Capture It. Share It.  Look for hearts all around and incorporate them if we could and wanted.

Since I mainly work at capturing natural moments, these more scripted things are becoming a little challenging for me to execute according to my internal creative standards.  I admit - this prompt daunted me.  Stumped me.  Today was my 10 on 10 shooting day so I had the camera with me all day long.  I kept hoping that something would spark for me.  And it did.

Our family loves to play outside.  And with this crazy yoyo weather we're having, we were outside playing this afternoon.  Little Lady luh-oooovvvvs to do chalk, so she began.  And I thought, I could ask HER to draw a heart!!! So I did.

She said no.

But she said she'd draw a balloon.  And I asked if I could put a heart inside her balloon.  She thought that was a grand idea.  Then she kept going, and colored in all the hearts.

And then, I noticed when I was processing these, she was wearing a shirt with hearts.  She chose her outfit today.  Fitting, eh?

So today... All you need is love.  I heart the outdoors.  I heart my Little Lady. I super mega heart her curls.  The Little Lady hearts chalk.  And I heart sunshine.  Not bad for a December afternoon.

I shot these with my
Nikon 50mm 1.4D