Picture the Holidays : day 02 | Reframing the Season / by Carey

Picture the Holidays prompt number two was the Reframe the Season.  A reminder to slow down during all the busyness and chaos and reframe our perspective of this Christmas season.

I chose to use Santa in my reframing image.

I do plan to blog in more depth about our family's decision to 'do' Santa, as Christians.  But for now, know that we use Santa to point toward Jesus, rather than detract from him.  There is no behavior component to Santa for us.  No naughty or nice list.  He gives to us, without a requirement from us, without our deserving it, just as Jesus gave us the ultimate gift that we most certainly did not deserve. Grace.

I realize this is a controversial issue.  I don't want to come off judgmental.  I don't believe there is one ultimate right or wrong.

But we are using our children's natural propensity toward the land of fantasy to help guide them toward the realities of Jesus.  I love what this article pointed out -- that Santa can help a child believe in something or someone who they cannot see or feel or touch.  This is a HUGE deal for my son.

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