Picture the Holidays : day 01 | Holding Onto Gratitude / by Carey

I am embarking onto another creative adventure for the Christmas Season called "Picture the Holidays".  Paper Coterie is sponsoring this project by Tracey Clark.  I have so enjoyed other projects of this sort and I am excited to capture the magic of our Christmas with young children this year in this way.

Today is day one of the project and the prompt is Holding onto Gratitude.  Starting off the season with the proper mindset.

When I read the prompt at 6am this morning, first I was a little surprised.  We just came out of Thanksgiving, the time to celebrate gratefulness.  I wasn't expecting to revisit that for the Christmas holiday documentation.  But I like it.  It certainly does set the tone.

I confess that the first thing that popped into my mind of what I am grateful for was my nice, warm bed.  So, I had to incorporate that into my image somehow.

This is the story my image speaks for me:

-I hold gratitude for my home with so much space, enough for us to have our own bedrooms.  So many do not have that luxury.

-I hold gratitude for the most comfortable bed in the whole entire world. Seriously people.  I am not kidding.  I have the most comfortable bed in the whole entire world.  It was runner up, but when I put this electric blanket on it, it ursurped the crown and become THE most comfortable bed in the world.

-I hold gratitude for my two beautiful children.  They can drive me to the brink of wanting to quit, but I enjoy, delight in, and love these two so, very much.

-I hold gratitude that my kids love to read.  The love of reading is so very important and I'm thankful that both of them love to be read to and love to look at books.

-I hold gratitude that both of my kids loves to snuggle.  I am not a touchy person, much to the annoyance of many in my family.  But oh how I do love to snuggle my kids.  I'm thankful that physical contact communicates such love and comfort to them, and that they feel such safety in my arms.

I shot these with my
Sigma 30mm f1.4