FAIL / by Carey

Life is on such warp speed that I'd pretty much decided to forego a family Christmas card this year.  Which isn't very ME at all... I'm all for collage spreads, and considered just using images that I loved from throughout the year... but seriously, I'm so buried in stuff I needed to get done, oh, seven months ago, I was just going to let it go...

But on Sunday, Shawn informed me that it was supposed to be a great day.  I think he may have even said 'gorgeous'.  So I decided that I wanted to try to get a family shot for a Christmas card.  Spur of the moment.  That is also very NOT me.

I had wanted to do it in the afternoon, when the light was just right.  But we realized that the likelihood of the perfect storm of perfectness coming together for that was.... yeah... you got it.

So I acquiesced to doing it midday with ugly midday light... when hopefully everyone would be as cooperative as possible.

Well, it was intermittently overcast and sunny, which made timing shots all so interesting.  My kids are unable to stand where asked for longer than 37 milliseconds.  My kids are both unable to smile naturally on command.  I am unable to do an 'official' photo of my family or children without becoming insanely furious.  And worst of all?

I wore my grandma jeans on accident.

I mean, seriously?  WHO does not notice when they are trying to coordinate their family's clothing for a photo, spur of the moment with what they have and what happens to be clean.... that you put on the ONE pair of jeans that you own that you detest with passion and look soooooo ugly?


I didn't even notice until hours later after dinner was cooked and cleaned up and I went to change clothes.  Saw those jeans on the floor and thought, "how strange....  those are my nasty, ugly, awful grandma jeans lying on the floor.  I would have sworn I just put the jeans I took off right there, but no, those are the grandma jeans.  Where did those cute jeans go?  Not here.  Or here.  Or over there.  Oh no. OH NO.  NO!!!!! nooooooooooooooo!!!!!  It couldn't BE!  I wore those awful, awful, awful grandma jeans for the PHOTOS!!!!"

I suppose that should be a sign that I have one too many things going on.  You think?

At any rate, the resulting images had Shawn and me in hysterics over the kids' attempts to smile for us.  I could get upset if I didn't know she was trying SOOOOOO hard to smile pretty and she thinks she is... And for the fact that I can't smile naturally either, so I totally commiserate.  So while I don't have a new canvas worthy image to hang over my fireplace, I DO have some hilarious images that invoke serious joy in my heart.

And really, isn't that the grand purpose of it all, anyway?

Carey Pace 2011