metamorphosis / by Carey

We've entered many phases of interest throughout Little Buddy's four and a half years.  We are currently in the super concentrated insect phase.  I really cannot express fully in words how excited and proud I am of the little guy because he loves to learn just as much as his daddy and I do.

He's been catching various insects (crickets, grasshoppers, moths, rolly pollys, caterpillars, and a praying mantis) and putting them in his habitat to observe.  That's a post for another day!  We've also been watching a good deal of youtube videos on wasps and hornets, which he wisely isn't interested in actually catching.   But when a friend posted on facebook that she was selling monarch caterpillars so we could watch the whole metamorphosis process, I knew this hit at the perfect time for us!  We got four at various stages of growth.

It has been so fascinating to watch!!!  The first one was still hanging in his "J" at 830pm on Wednesday, the 17th.  I got home at 930pm and it was the finished chrysallis!  The kids had just missed it!  So on Thursday, I kept a close eye on the second that was hanging in his "J".  That evening, we caught it and got to watch the process!  Just amazing!!!

Now we are waiting ... 3 have turned to a chrysallis and the smallest caterpillar we got, which was smaller than a grain of rice upon arrival, is now the size of the first ones!  They grow SOOOO fast!  (and man, I would have never, ever imagined just how much these little dues poop!)  I'm excited for the kids to get to watch a monarch butterfly emerge... and maybe, just perhaps, I'm a tad excited about the opportunity to photograph such an event!!!