great. big. bust. / by Carey

At the beginning of the summer, I made a list of all the fun things we needed to do.  Suddenly, last week I realized that we had yet to make it to our Splash Pad.  I think the Splash Pad here is so cool, and I still can't believe it is completely free.  But the last two summers, neither of my kids have cared one bit for it.  The Little Lady spent the entire time begging to go onto the playground nearby while Little Buddy just laid belly and face down on the concrete absorbing the heat.

So I had high hopes that maybe THIS summer would be different and they'd finally embrace the Splash Pad, like every other normal kid on this planet would.

Well, I should have known better.  They made it about five minutes.  I'm not going to be taking them back. Ever.

The Little Lady just followed Little Buddy around and then started whining for the playground.  And Little Buddy wanted to run, full speed ahead, in circles around the perimeter.  I was afraid he was going to clock some little kid and split their head open, so I told him he wasn't allowed to run, just like there is no running at the pool.

Welp.  Should have known.  Fun time over.  He spent the next hour begging to eat his lunch (at 10:10am) and not getting into the water at all.  I finally let them eat at 11 and then we went home.  Great. Big.  Bust.

All of these images were taken in the first five minutes we were there.