culinary summer: capellini pomodoro / by Carey

The first restaurant Shawn took me to was the Olive Garden.  We were in high school.  We hardly ever went to restaurants when I was growing up and I didn't feel very comfortable in what I then deemed to be a very fancy restaurant.  I had a hard time letting someone else pay for my meal like that.  Things have changed a lot in the years since then.

But my favorite meal that I enjoyed at the Olive Garden was their Capellini Pomodoro.  I would intend to try something new every time we went in college, but just couldn't.  I loved the Capellini Pomodoro so much.

Olive Garden has however gone downhill in the last decade and we can't stand to eat there any more.  At all.  Ick.  But that dish still stays with me.  We love it.  And with the influx of summer tomatoes right now, we enjoyed some homemade Cappelini Pomodoro last night and man, was it tasty!!!

Can home grown tomatoes, home grown fresh basil, garlic, olive oil and Italian for real Parmesan Cheese get any better?  I certainly think not!

Here is a recipe, though the photo leaves much to be desire.