10 on 10 | August edition / by Carey

One thousand four hundred eighty.  That's how many photos are in my July 2011 folder.  You read that correctly, 1480.

Documenting the real life, real essence, real personality of my children's childhoods is incredibly important (and incredibly enjoyable) to me.  I simply cannot pull my camera out and take a couple shots. I just can't.  Every time I pull it out, hundreds of clicks pass through my hands.

And so I get monthly folders that typically approach a thousand images.  I'm starting to feel sorry for whoever has the daunting task of going through all these images later.  How on earth can you find anything after the fact?  I know I have difficulty now and I'm only four years into this parenting thing!  Often times I'll remember a particular image, and then go back to try to find it.... and search and search and search... and get no where.  But when ever I go to whittle down my photo repository, I can't delete them.  I just can't.  Not even bad ones.  I'm attached to each and every single shot.

As I've worked on this new awesome project tonight, the 10 on 10, I kept seeing commercials for that Hoarders show on TLC or Discovery.  And suddenly it struck me.

i. am. a. hoarder.  

Just like those people that we watch and are appalled over due to all the horrible stuff they keep in their homes.... it's just that my hoarding happens to be directed at photo files.... so you won't notice my problem if you happen to stop by unexpectedly to visit.  I guess that's a good thing.

All of that to say, when I saw recently on

the Bloom Forum

about a cool new personal project, the 10 on 10, I couldn't help but pounce on it.  What a great way to document the entirety of our day, not just the moments that make me grab the camera.  This was inspired by

this post

by Jack and Ruby Studios.  And nine other photographers are participating with me!

The long and short of it is, on the 10th of every month, I post 10 images capturing a day in our life.  I captured Wednesday July 27, 2011 for this go-round, and tried to shoot about every hour.  It was a blast.  (and of course, I had a treacherous time trying to narrow it down to just 10!)

Next on the circle is

Chesney Maxwell

.  Check out her

10 on 10 post here


Don't forget - keep going and see what  

Chesney Maxwell

 captured on her day!