day 13 - joy of love - routines / by Carey

Day 13 for the Joy of Love workshop was routines.  Capturing the routines of our family.

I've got to admit... this was the FIRST thing to pop into my mind.  Our daily battle of WHO GETS TO SIT IN THE WHITE CHAIR.  It's so consistently part of our day that it is most certainly classified a routine.

Oh my word.  Never in a million years would I have ever imagined we'd be fighting this battle.  And yet, there it is.  Shawn's mom gave us the brown chair to use while I was pregnant with Cora.  We didn't have a chair for the island at that point.  About a year ago, I bought the white chair at IKEA.  I love it.  I have wanted to buy another one for forever.... but it is hard to justify spending $70 on a chair just because it is white, when there is a perfectly functional brown chair already there.  And so... we have a brown chair and a white chair at the island.

Suddenly, though, Nathan became obsessed with getting to sit in the white chair at meals.  He likes it better for some unidentifiable reason.  And so, because Nathan wanted it, that meant Cora then wanted it.  She has no idea why, she just does.  Enter BATTLE.

Finally I was at my wits end.  this is utterly RIDICULOUS.  I am soooooo over this fight for the white chair.  So I went to my ribbon box and pulled out two scraps.  Pink for Cora, Orange for Nathan.  Every day I change the ribbons.  We alternate.  Today it is his turn for the white chair.  Tomorrow it will be yours.

I took this opportunity to teach them the word: alternate.

Teachable moment.  : )  So, part of our routine is switching the ribbons each morning, and discussing whose turn it is to sit in the white chair.  If you want to whine about it not being your turn today, you may sit in the floor.  : )

Can you see Cora's despair because she isn't sitting in the white chair?  Can you see Nathan's gloating?