day 12 - joy of love - the eyes / by Carey

Day 12 for the Joy of Love was their eyes.

Oh how I adore their eyes.  Did you know that green-gray and brown make Blue??? beautiful beautiful deep blue?  Well, they do!

Frequently people comment on my children's eyes.  In certain light, their eyes literally seem to pop.  It is a personal challenge to try to capture their EYES, because neither one of them wants to look me in the camera-eye any more.  I've had to resort to bribing Nathan of sorts... and I still haven't come up with an image I want to hang on my wall of him lately...  He is very into making crazy faces for the camera at the moment.  But this day, he did okay.  And I got some of my favorite images of Cora I've ever shot.

I still can't believe that my children have these blue eyes with eye lashes to die for.