day 10 - joy of love - where they are comfortable / by Carey

Day 10 for the Joy of Love mini class was Where They Are Comfortable.  Easy!  The playroom!

We are so very fortunate the have a home with the space to dedicate an entire room to be their playroom. And it's big.  Plenty of room for plenty of toys and space to play.  This room has morphed and changed over the last four years.  It's amazing for me to think about all the different iterations of it.  But here it is today.  I always wanted a room I could do in bright, bold colors.  Just FUN.  That's this room.  With our awesome color block rug, the stripes of foam floor, bright yellow walls, funky purple most comfy couch in the world, and huge wall of windows to let in plenty of beautiful light.

Little Kid Utopia.

I hope that one day they realize what they had.  They have no idea that every kid and every family doesn't have a playroom, let alone a rockin' awesome one like theirs.  They don't understand that every kid doesn't have everything you'd want to do at their disposal.  I wrestle with this, honestly.  I want them to have these things and get to do these things.... these things I know I didn't have... some things that I did.  I want them to have these warm and wonderful blessings and memories... but they are growing up sheltered in such a way that has made them spoiled, self centered, and materialistic.  We don't like that.  And we are trying hard to find the balance between giving them a rich and varied upbringing, while instilling in them a true joy and appreciation for these things we have.  True blessings from God that we don't deserve.  And that not everyone has.