day 09 - joy of love - passions and hobbies / by Carey

Day 09. Passions and hobbies. It is to you I owe the fact that I got off track and allowed myself to get behind. Very behind.

I am nothing if not predictable. : )

Miss one day and it all falls apart.  I need structure and routine like a dog needs a companion.  Shew.   But that's me.  Take it or leave it.

I knew immediately what I wanted to capture here.  Shawn's passion AND hobby of exercise and health.  Shawn loves to run (which I have NEVER understood, not even a little bit) and he loves to lift weights.  He does not relate to the rest of the world that doesn't enjoy it.  He does not relate to the rest of the world that allows their bodies to age and develop belly pudge and just plain doesn't wanna go exercise.  I've got to admit, I am a tad jealous.  I wish I enjoyed it like he did.  I do think it is important.  But I don't want to do it.  I hate doing it.  I am so BORED doing it.  My hands have nothing to do!!!  I realized this recently actually.  After about 15 minutes, my hands get antsy.  It's not that my body is too tired.  It's not that I can't do it.  But I need to be DOING something, and something functional with  my HANDS... It's total forcing of my will to keep going.  So I envy his ability to enjoy it.

Anyway.  My new friend Kate inspired these photos.  She took similar ones of her husband and shared with me how she set it up.  I was on the quest... but I had to wait until Shawn was ready to attempt it, when the stars aligned... when the kids were in bed and no one had any evening meetings and, and, and.... sometimes life just gets in the way!  My friend Traci also helped me brainstorm the best way to set all this up.  This is soooooo totally not me.  So totally out of the box.  But it was FUN to try something new, challenge myself to have to think so differently and really, really, really pay attention to the light.  Getting every bit of oomph out of my rockin' little D90, asking it to push his little capabilities.

I did this with regular old ceiling light from a different room.  I don't own studio lights.  I don't want to own studio lights.  I just wanted to play and see what I could do with what was available to me.  I like the results.