day 07 - joy of love - generations / by Carey

Day 7's prompt was generations.  Oddly enough, we were visiting my inlaws when I got the assignment.

Unfortunately, I stink at posing people.  Stink Stink Stink.  Not to mention that my kids perform oh so well on command for photos.  So these pictures make me roll my eyes, because they couldn't be more artistically boring.  But they do capture the generations...

I took the top left image on Sunday for the assignment.  That is my husband with the kids, with his parents.   (I asked them to make a silly face).  But I cheated a little with the others, to include all the applicable family.

I also included the generations shot my grandma requested last fall, with all of us on her front porch.  My grandparents, the three grandkids and their spouses, and the great grandchildren.  I included a shot from last summer with all the cousins eating ice cream on our patio.  That is one I'm proud of, and wasn't orchestrated.  It really just happened that way.  And lastly, one of my mom and her husband, me and the kids last spring.

Those are the generations!