day 05 - joy of love - love to hate / by Carey

I have a gem of a husband.  I really do.  But there are a few things about him that drive me up the wall.  They are little.  Inconsequential.  But I've found that little things some times annoy me more than great big things.

My husband doesn't care if the house is clean... as in sanitized.  He doesn't care if I clean the bathrooms.  Windex the windows.  Or mop the floors.  But he does like for it to be neat and tidy.  Clutter free.  Everything in its place, and minimalistic. He's generally very good about cleaning up after himself.  He knows how to cook and clean and steps up to the household plate very well.

But something he always, always, always seems to do is leave the syrup bottle out in the kitchen.  Any time he fixes himself something for breakfast that requires the syrup... he leaves the bottle wherever he happened to be when he used it.  Sometimes on the counters.  Sometimes on the Island.  But never, ever, ever back into the pantry!  There will be no other evidence in the kitchen that he made himself waffles... except for that darn syrup bottle.

He did it Saturday before last.  And as I was cleaning up the kitchen that morning, I confessed my frustration to him.  Not in a mad way.  In a funny way.  It's not a big deal at all.  It's silly, really.  But it drives me stinking bonkers that he never ever.ever.ever. puts the syrup bottle away!!!  We laughed together.  It was fun.  (Because I have many little quirks that drive him bonkers as well... which we've probably talked about a little more often.  It was fun to share the other direction).

A few days later... The bottle of syrup was left right smack dab in the MIDDLE of the island.... I grabbed my phone and started to send him a picture message of the bottle, saying "It's like you're doing it on purpose!!!!!"  But I didn't... because I have a new smartphone.  And I cannot for the life of me figure out how to send a single photo in a text message anymore.  It seems to default to slideshow and is weird and I'm just a teeny tiny bit frustrated about the situation.  At any rate... I started to, but I didn't.

Later at lunch, I picked the bottle to move it out of the way and make lunch for the kids.  And then I found a sticky note stuck to the island, previously hidden underneath the syrup.  It said "I Love You!".


We had a great laugh about that one!  So when Day 05's assignment was Love to Hate... something about your loved one that gets on your nerves... this was the first thing to pop into my mind.  : )

Unfortunately, we traveled last weekend and I had to stage this scenario.  That's not my island and it's not my syrup and in fact, that is my handwriting and not my husband's!  But it doesn't matter.  I'll remember this little incident forever now.

I so love these creative projects... documenting a little slice of life, forever.

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