day 04 - joy of love - what they wear / by Carey

Day 04 for the Joy of Love course is What They Wear.

More appropriately at my house it would be what they do NOT wear.... but since these images are going public, I couldn't go that route....

Neither of my children have cared much about their clothes, ever.  We've never had an argument over "I don't want to wear that!" knock on wood.  However, the last 3 or 4 times Nathan has found the next size up shoe in his closet... he becomes obsessed with them. All other shoes that he currently wears become obsolete.  Completely.  Even if they are WAAAAY too big, he insists they fit perfectly.  There is no convincing him otherwise.

Many many shoes ago, we had a pair of Stride Rite sneakers -- the Sabertooth -- that I just adored.  I loved the style.  He could, at age 2, easily get his shoes on and off and fasten them properly.  I loved them so much, I planned to buy the same shoes in every size they had available, to move up with as he grew.

To my extreme disappointment, I could not find these Sabertooth shoes anywhere!!!  They must have been discontinued when I ordered them.  I eventually found a pair, size 11.5, on Ebay and bought those to store away, for oh, two and a half years....

Nathan found them just the other day in the closet.  His current tennis shoes fit him just fine.  These are big on him, though not too big.  He went nuts for these shoes.  Excited beyond excited.  Has worn them non stop since he found them, even though I've had to plead and beg him to wear his tennis shoes to preschool these days, over his crocs.  The child just seems to love new shoes.

Even better, he realized that these new shoes look very, very close to Daddy's tennis shoes.  That just sent him over the  moon.   Now he loves to wear his new black tennis shoes while Daddy wears his.  When this assignment came out, and I couldn't document the favorite "naked for just a little bit", I knew I'd be documenting the one article of clothing he seems to care about.