day 03 | joy of love | then and now / by Carey

Day 03 for the Joy of Love course was Then and Now.

I felt a little uninspired of how to do then and now... I wanted to do Shawn for this, since we have been together since high school... but on workdays, he leaves before the sun comes up and returns only after the sun is down.  Makes natural light photography just a teensy bit difficult... Then I remembered how it was right at Nathan's first birthday that I first turned my camera dial to manual mode... I pulled up those images and looked through.  Even though they were some of my first images, there is something about those that still captivates me today.  I love them.  I love the light in them and I can't manage to recreate it even now!  One of my very favorites is one of him looking up, trying to look out, our big window in the playroom.  That set it for me.

I pulled up Cora's pictures from around the time she turned one.  I found one of her that I took - I remember taking it.  She turned around shortly after the shot and took a few steps toward me.  Some of her very first steps!  I remember loving the drama of the image.  She, too, was looking out the window.

Theme set even more.  Both of them, looking out the windows at one year old.  Then.  And today, at those same windows.  Now.

Cora actually still wears the clothes she was wearing in the one year old picture.  Her "elewent" pants are some of her favorite.  They are 18 month size and fit her more like capri pants now.  It'll be a sad day when she can no longer wear those pink elewent pants.  I went for dramatic effect and took one in her clothes for yesterday, and one in the very same outfit.

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