day 02 - joy of love - how they look / by Carey

Day 02 for the Joy of Love course is How They Look.

Something we've been doing around here lately is making different faces.  Make a happy face.  Make an angry face.  Make a sad face.  Cora doesn't really get it, though she happily participates, but Nathan has been having a blast.  Though, honestly, most of his 'on purpose' faces look pretty much identical.

In fact, last week I told Cora she was pretty, which prompted Nathan to ask what handsome was.  I told him it meant looking really, really nice.  And then I asked him to make a handsome face.  This was what I got.

Incidentally, this is just like his 'scary face'.  But this inspired my concept of today's Joy of Love assignment.  I wanted to capture all their different expressions.

I've never asked Nathan to pose for me for photos, ever.  He doesn't really know what to do.  He fidget-wiggles even more than normal, making it darn near impossible to get an image of him in focus.   But lately, he does want to see the resulting picture.  So that's helped a tad.  But Cora seems to really enjoy when I ask to take her picture and ask her to stand in a particular spot.

I sat the kids on the counter next to the kitchen sink, because that was the only place any light was coming in at the end of this day, my first change to take photos.  Nathan put up with it for a second or two, but Cora had fun.  And I managed to capture their many expressions.

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