day 01 - Joy of Love - Willette Course / by Carey

Last summer I started Willette Design's Finding the Joy online class/workshop... I loved it so much, but some other obligations required me to put it aside at the time... and surprise of surprises, I didn't get back to it.  I kind of intend to again this summer!  That's the tentative plan anyway.

She offered a Christmas Joy class, but I knew better than to sign up for that... Life was crazy this past holiday season and I knew I wouldn't get to it... or that I would get to it and leave other responsibilities by the wayside...

But when she offered up a free Valentine themed class... the timing was perfect and I jumped!!!  I'm VERY excited the time is finally here.  I'm very excited to have these assignments to induce my creativity and record some precious family moments!  I love her style and her passions.

Day 01 is about what they DO.  How open ended!!!

Since Nathan was at preschool yesterday, Cora was my subject.  My kids love to play games.... but neither of them really "get" games so well... Nathan enjoys games that don't involve boards... but board games are out of the question.  Child does not get it.  I'm beyond exasperated about it, honestly.  So, Zingo has been a good game for our family.  Nathan gets it, for the most part, and Cora just LOVES getting the picture tiles.  She loves just playing with them.  She doesn't get the board, or the object, but she just loves it all the same.  So, Cora playing HER version of Zingo was my object of something they DO yesterday.

She made quite the mess that we got to clean up later... as I processed the photos, she sent every tile flying to all corners of the dining room floor.  Plink pllink.  Oh yeah, fun times.  But finally she did find her favorite piece:  The T-Rex tile.

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