boy, do I feel old / by Carey

I believe it was around 2005 when Shawn and I worked with the youth at our church.  We did a bible study that fall semester on sexual integrity, a subject I'm very passionate about.  Ashley was one of the girls in the youth that year.

Suddenly last fall, she contacted me and asked if I could take some graduation pictures for her and work on a graduation announcement.  Graduation from COLLEGE.

Boy, do I feel OLD now!

It has been a blessing to watch Ashley grow up into a mature, beautiful, woman who is wholeheartedly seeking after God's heart.  I'm proud to know her.  On top of that, I had such a wonderful time shooting her this day, in my yard.  She laughed at my kids until her stomach hurt!  So much fun.

Congratulations, Ashley, on your new Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from ETSU!

(and apparently I had a thing for the right side of the frame this day....)