surprise! / by Carey

Once upon a time there was an extraordinary set of foster parents. They were working on finalizing the adoption of their oldest son. They found out about a pregnancy and offered to adopt that baby. Shortly before son #2 was born and they got him, they discovered that they themselves were pregnant. Daughter and son #2 are only a few months apart! Then shortly after daughter was born, they discovered that yet again, they were expecting.

Four kids, four and under. And they lived happily ever after.

Not to mention that for a good part of her pregnancy with this little guy, she was on strict bedrest. Yeah, how do you think bedrest with 3 who are four and under goes, two of which are barely one?

This little guy had some complications when he was born. Then he had some more complications after he came home. But he's doing super now! I actually saw him just the other day... he's almost four months old now. My, how he's changed! And he looks SO much like his sister!!! Cutie pies they are!