handful / by Carey

My two are a handful. Okay, okay. Cora is a handful. Nathan was 'high needs' when he was a baby. But once Cora came along, he promptly took his rightful place as pleaser compliant first child. It's really quite ironic to think about. I remember walking the 'loop' in our old house with Nathan as a baby. Singing. Bouncing. Swaying. ANYTHING to keep this child from SCREAMING. Restaurants? Out of the question. It really wasn't until Cora was well over one that we even ventured out TO restaurants again! Into everything. I remember when I finally covered all my plants with blankets because I could NOT keep that child out of the dirt IN THE HOUSE. We ended up sending our dog to live at the grandparents because we could NOT get Nathan to stop hitting and kicking him, in total play. Child just did NOT get that he was hurting poor Gizmo. I remember referring to "real boys" who played like real boys and got into mischief and required constant supervision, or else you may regret turning your back a moment. At any rate, he's a dream now. He still has his issues, of course, but he's just a joy. Cora, on the other hand, keeps me on my toes at ALL times. I really can NOT imagine having any more than these two. I just can't. I wish I could. I intended to have more. But I just can't.

Which brings me to these lovely friends. With four. One Two Three FOUR. I admire her and her ability to handle four with finesse so much. She's refreshingly real. She doesn't glamorize it. She admits her weaknesses. She has tough days. But she is striving to give these children the childhood of their dreams. She utterly adores being a MOM. So we wanted to capture a little bit of what a family of four, four and under, looks like.

(Photographers out there, I know these aren't rockin'. I tried so hard. BUT, I did learn some good things which will make me better in the future. And that's the point, is it not? Besides, she loves them. And THAT is entirely why I'm doing this. Well, to give my friends a treasure and to have a non-mommy creative outlet.)