add another branch to the family tree / by Carey

I am a perfectionist. A strong one. It very often paralyzes me. I am not at a point where I'm fully pleased with my photography work. I don't know that I ever will be... But despite that, it is quite a high compliment and boost when someone likes what you do enough that they ask you to come back, a second time, and forever preserve special memories for their family. Last summer when I first began this journey of photographing for others, I captured first little man's one year-ness. This summer, I was invited to capture his two year-ness, but also the birth of his little brother.

Some of my favorite children's music that we listen to as a family is by Frances England. (As in, I would listen to this even if the kids weren't in the car. This is NO Barney, folks). Her song, "Family Tree" just rocks. And every time I heard it in the months leading up to this session, I thought of this family!

Last night while everyone was asleep
I looked out my window, up through the trees
The sky was so big and covered in stars
I knew a baby brother or sister soon would be ours

Hey Ho, our family of three
Is growing beyond my mommy, daddy, and me
Hey Ho, just how will it be
When we add another branch to our family tree

I’ll be the protector, so strong and wise
I’ll be the cheerleader always by his side
This cute, little baby will soon enough see
No one could love him any more or better than me


I’ll teach him all the things I’ve learned along the way
I’ll help him blow out the candles on his first birthday
We’ll grow up together, side by side
Take care of one another - full of love, full of pride
I got my new lens, a Sigma 30mm 1.4, the day before this shoot! I had a wonderful time hanging out with friends and watching a family transition from 3 to 4. Took me right back to when Cora was born and the wonderful girls at Picsee came out to do her newborn family session... and Nathan, at 20 months, wanted ab. so. lute. ly. noth. ing. to. do. with. family. pictures. Good times. But big brother here was really pretty good!

Another thing I wanted to say about this family.... It is one thing for people to want me to come and 'take pictures' for them. I've done that. It is something entirely different when they take what I painstakingly create, and actually print it, and then hang it, big, on their walls. For the last year, whenever I visited their home, my images from last summer were up. For display for all to see. Words do not adequately express what this did and still does for me. It is just beyond cool to see that. That I truly did preserve something spectacular and magical for their family that they love so much they want to see it every single day in their home. She did wall groupings last year. She took them down and did all new ones with these images for this year!!! I can not WAIT to visit their home again to see. It does my artist heart good!

Beautiful family. Beautiful children. Without further ado...

(I gotta say. This is my favorite picture I've ever taken. Ever. yes, ever!)