mommy / by Carey

Let's face it. There just isn't a lot of proof that I was actually present in my children's lives... though I spend nearly 98% of my living hours in their vicinity. I wouldn't really say it's anyone's fault. I do love to take the pictures. I do hate to have my own picture taken. And frankly, a lot of times, I'd rather take the pictures than participate in the activity. *GASP*. I don't love the outdoors. I have largely forgotten how to play. So when they are in the midst of something beyond fun, my preference is to be part of it by preserving the memory forever, rather than being a participant in the water noodle gun fight. Just me being me.

That being said, I have been saddened at the occasional thought that my children themselves may one day be very sad that they don't have any images of them WITH me. We've talked about it. And we've verbally decided that Shawn is going to take the camera more to try to capture me with them. And I've done some teaching to Shawn about what some of the settings and stuff means so he can do some of it. (he's been so good about it and not fussed about it -- he's embraced it and I love that). But old habits... BOTH of ours... die hard. And that really hasn't been the reality. I do plan to do more with the tripod and remote with the kids -- and that will be much easier with my wider angle lens than with the 50mm! But still.

Because of all that, I am so very thankful for these images of ME with my kids. Words don't do it justice. I love them. My only regret is that... they are all with Cora. None with Nathan. That's really largely due to Cora's crazy attachment to me... but I do really regret that we really didn't get ONE with me and Nathan... so that's most certainly an assignment now!!!