daddy / by Carey

I am in LOVE with several of these images. Shawn and I have been officially together since 1996! That's 14 years! Almost half our lives!!! I can't imagine it having gone any other way. I am blessed beyond imagination in him. Daily. Way back then though, I'm sure his future daddy qualities weren't forefront in my mind. I can say being the strange person that I am, I'm sure I thought about it. I knew he'd be a good dad. But, I really had no concept for just HOW good of a daddy he'd be. He's awesome. He rocks. These kids do NOT know what they have. I hope some day they will understand. Every daddy isn't like him. Every daddy doesn't play harder than THEY do. Every daddy doesn't sacrifice like he does for them. Every daddy doesn't love their kids as much as their daddy does them. Every daddy isn't so excited he can't WAIT for them to get to the new stages where they'll enjoy jumping in the pool, sliding down a slip and slide, riding in a canoe, camping in tents and who knows what else will come next. I am sso glad my kids have Shawn as their dad.