brother and sister / by Carey

They are 20 months apart. Nathan was really still a baby when Cora was born. It was hard. Being diagnosed with hypothyroidism four months later only made it harder. I'm very thankful that both the thyroid issues and the baby land is past us now. But the last few weeks have made every ounce of all that struggle worth it. WE are LOVING seeing them interact. How they play. How they LOVE each other. They are such little buddies. They LOVE sharing their excitement with each other.

I hope I never, ever forget the sheer JOY in her voice when she screams, "Youse!!!!! Loooook Crabby's!!!!!" (aka, Nathan! Look at the crabs!) or anything else for that matter. This rocks. I love my kids.

On top of that, I only got my first successful sibling shot in April. To come home with all of these wonderful sibling shots from our vacation is a feeling I can't pin down. I am so happy. I am so proud. It makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere in my photography journey, and my kids are getting somewhere in their photography subject journey!

Their shared in their excitement about everything.

snacktime under the tent. Cora dipped her Fritos scoops in the sand EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

This was Nathan's idea. I about peed my pants in excitement.

Nathan was BEYOND excited to fly a kite at the beach. When Shawn got it up in the air, Nathan couldn't contain himself and had to make SURE Cora saw it too. How sweet is that???

They are playing with the toy of choice (aka fight) for the week -- a killer whale.