two glorious weeks / by Carey

Oh my, how we have been enjoying the emergence of Spring!

One of the reasons we bought our house was for the amazing yard that it has.  Large, semi-flat, playable yards are hard to come by in our area, and this yard is awesome.  We have tons of trees, too, which provide some fabulous shade (and fabulously lower temperatures in those horribly humid hot summer days).  (though we do 'pay' for it come autumn when the leaves fall.... but it's worth it).  But there are about two weeks come springtime that are my confirmed favorite in this blessing of a home.  This marks the fourth March/April/budding of spring I've spent here.  And for two amazing weeks during that timeframe, when the sun isn't setting before Shawn even gets home from work but the leaves are still early buds and have yet to fully sprout, the light is simply glorious.  It pours into our yard and in through our windows and lifts our spirits like literal wings of eagles.

Unfortunately, the leaves have now come in and the shade has begun.  And I am grateful.  But I already miss that glorious pure golden light.

Ten days ago, we spent the day working on the outside of our home.  I spent a wonderful day power washing our patio, sidewalks and porches.  It was awesome.  (And no matter how hard the kids try, there is NOTHING they can do to make those go back to their original condition as if I'd done nothing in 47 seconds!  Nothing!!!  And that's awesome!)  Shawn did the shed and the playset.  Our outside has never looked better!  But when the sun had almost set I pulled out my camera and played.  And oh my, did I get some wonderful captures of my kids.

My passion is capturing moments.  REAL moments.  And I feel like I truly did that here.  But perhaps the best part of this day of photography for me was capturing the, hands down, best sibling image of the two of them I've EVER taken.  I'm sure I'm wearing my mommy goggles a little bit, but I finally got my 'frameworthy' sibling image I've strived nearly two years for! Without further ado, my blessings during the glorious two week light.

Yes, I totally totally realize her clothes don't match.  It was a serious outdoor work day. I grabbed two things that were clean from the laundry room to throw on her in my rush to get back outside after nap... and they didn't match.  Learned that lesson, if I'm going to be taking photos, huh?

She makes this face ALL the time.  So glad to have an image of it.

And I'll end with something ridiculous that I did.  A few days before this, it rained.  I had taken a few pictures of the kids and experimented with putting the camera's white balance on 'shade.'  But I forgot to change it back when I was done.  So every single one of these images was taken on shade white balance.  Oh yes, I did.  I so did.  So correcting that was oh so fun.  But I guarantee you, I won't make that mistake again.