intricate / by Carey

Can I admit something really embarrassing?

Of course I knew what a snowflake was.  Of course I'd heard that no two snowflakes were the same.  But I suppose I'd never really dedicated any thought to the fact that snowflakes were actually real.

As snow started falling around the country, I began to see others post their macro shots of snowflakes.  And I sat there is a dumbfounded stupor while simultaneously drooling.  My confession:  I just recently had the cognitive realization that snowflakes are REAL.  They really, truly do form as those beautiful creations that we cut out of paper as children.  They are beautiful and captivating and intricate.  I so, so, so should have known that!  (There are some amazing people out there who take stunning macro shots of snowflakes.  Just do a search on Flickr and you'll see.)

Shawn gave me a reverse mount adapter ring for my lens for Christmas (read:  I bough it with some of his budgeted money for me for Christmas!), so I could play around with "poor man's macro".  My photography wish list is already a mile long, and although a macro is certainly on that list, it isn't as high of priority as some other things.  So this will have to do for now.  I had a blast playing around attempting to capture some of these little beauties.  Poor man's macro is a LOT harder than it looks!  And I discovered that I have a major case of the shakes (or perhaps it's just that I was outside in 10 degree weather in my sweatshirt and pajama pants...).  These don't hold the tiniest candle to those I've seen posted elsewhere, but they are my best and I'm proud of them for now.